Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poison Control

Well, we have had our first really scary poison control call. DD2 got hold of the cascade 2-in-1 tabs and tried to eat it. I knew that it was bad, but not THAT bad! We are extremely lucky that she is OK. When I told the poison control guy what it was he did not give a hopeful answer. He had me see if she would drink some water and if she did not we would have to go to the er immediately. Luckily she drank an ounce while I was on the phone. We had to have her drink something every hour for 6 hours, and if it looked like she wouldn't or couldn't, we would have had to take her to the er. Did you know that the pH on those things are 12! I think that this newest addition to our family is going to be much more of a handful that her siblings ever have been so far! Here's to adventure - not!

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