Wednesday, November 26, 2008

flash no more?

Well, yesterday and event happened. Samantha took a cookie outside and decided it would be a good idea to feed it to Flash. Sam almost got her finger tip bit off. Well, maybe that is slightly exaggerated. But it cut through part of her finger nail and there are about four lacerations on her index finder on her left hand. AND it was literally dripping with blood.

I thought that it would probably be okay, so I slapped some neosporine and a band aid on it and she went on her merry way. Then I looked at it today. It started to look a little angry. Did you know that most doctors offices closed early today!?! So, when Darrell came home I took Sam to the ER. We were actually in and out within an hour - miracle, right? They said they couldn't tell if it was infected yet, scolded me a little for not bringing her in sooner, and calling animal control, because apparently they want to start antibiotics for any animal bite, and they need the animal to be observed for 10 days to rule out rabies. I really do not think that this animal is sick, but we will call animal control and get it sorted out.

Now the questions is, do we claim the rabbit or not? The kids have been having a lot of fun these last two weeks chasing it and feeding it (obviously), but if we want it back, we will have to claim it as our own pet.

That is, if it does not have rabies.


tara ramachandran said...

Hope Sam is ok! Perhaps if you cant claim Flash, you could get a house bunny for christmas...

- Tara

Anonymous said...

hmm. I would say the bunny at least needs to be caged when they are playing without direct supervision. I have to say if strider ever bit the baby he would immediately become an outside dog. fortunately for him he knows better even when she is pulling his tail (poor dog!)
best of luck with flash. I'm sure the kids love him.