Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, I am starting to worry about Sam's talking abilities. She hasn't been talking as much as I would like, especially considering Ryan and Jennifer's delays in that area.

So, last night we were sitting in our den, and all of a sudden I hear Sam sputter and yell out the word BUG!!! She sounded like she was going to burst because she could not get it out fast enough. See, in Texas we have these bugs called Palmetto bug. Really, they look like GIGANTIC German roached. About 3 inches long not counting the antennae. They are harmless, and do not usually stay inside, because they like the trees. That is the kind of bug she was trying to tell us about.

I thought that it was funny and was a relief all at the same time. She wants to talk, she just has to work on getting it out.

And I did notice that she is starting to try to sing. She will climb up into my lap and get ready to play "row row row your boat", and today she was singing it in her own way, in a little whisper, as I rocked her back and forth.

Maybe not all of my kids will have speech problems.

It would be a nice change.:)


Alisha said...

That is awesome. So glad for you. That should be such a relief. Oy to the bugs. I don't think I could handle roaches that big.

Heather said...

Hi Liz! It's been what? TEN years? Something like that. It's fun to see you have a blog. I don't do Facebook much, just use it to connect with people. But I love to blog! Looks like you have an adorable family!

Oh, and my brother served in the Texas Houston Mission in 'Dec 05 to 'Dec 07. I wonder if by chance you crossed paths? He was in the mission that includes the temple. Anyway, I hope to hear from you sometime! cantamos (at) gmail (dot) com