Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An attempt to do better ...

It has been a while since I have written anything. I am sorry about that. Things have been a bit depressing around here. My hubby's work has put their hours down to 40 again which is somewhat devastating for us. I am SOOOOO grateful that he didn't listen to me last December and got a job with papa johns for pizza delivery. It makes up the difference.

Anyway, I am resolved to start updating again, and to be more positive. I am going to try my best at putting something up here every day. Sorta like what I had started to do with my Joy Journals, which I have neglected as well. But this is not going to be my joy journal, this is just going to be my normal every day stuff, and hopefully some funny stuff to.

And on to my update ...

Our summer so for has been pretty lazy. I have been taking the kids to the movies and the library. Well, except for this week because we have been a bit sick. Jenny says that she does not like the library, but she doesn't protest once we get there.

I have been reading A LOT. Most of what I read comes from the Juvenile section or the christian romance section. In fact, I must admit, I have a member ship to Heartsong presents, a christian romance club, much like Harlequin, but without any sex, and with an uplifting message. I call these my feel good book, because they are the kind that you just have to sigh when you are finished with it because it always end nicely, and their relationship with the Lord is stronger as well. Anyway, my husband hate my reading because he always sees me with a book, and he want to read as well. He's just jealous. :)

I have read a series that starts out with a book called Bloody Jack. I LOVE THIS SERIES! I do not know why, but I am drawn to stories about young girls in odd situations back in the 1800's and usually on a ship. This story is about an orphan living in London who poses as a boy to get onto a ship as a ships boy in His Majesty's Navy. The rest of the series goes though all of her misadventures during the next few years, and that is the best I can do without spoiling the story line. The seventh book comes out in September, and I can't wait! Another series that I have been reading is Vampirates. I like this book as well, and I am waiting for the 4th book to arrive in the mail. It, again, is about a set of orphans and what happens to them. The boy ends up on a pirate ship and the girl ends up on a vampirate ship. This one is set way in the future, but it doesn't feel like it. Oh, and I read Enders Game, and the rest of the series that goes with that. Great read as well. I suppose I ought to start into the Wheel of Time series. Darrell is on book 9 of it right now. I just don't want to upset him by catching up to him too quickly. I think that I will wait until school starts again before I start in on that one.

Well, I think that that is about all of the rambling I should do today. I hope everyone has a great day!


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