Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

So, I signed up to do my very first swap at I saw this last year on , but we were in the middle of a move, and I had seen the write up after the entry deadline, so I watched and waited for the next one.
Here is my swap partners blog I have been having fun getting to know her though what she writes.
And here is what she sent me!

There are some really neat things included.

There is a very nice kitchen tea towel - I have great memories of using them in my grandmothers kitchen to dry the dishes, and now I have my very own!

Some great refrigerator clips. Definitely handy!

Some fun cut outs, crayons, and some stickers for the kids. I may keep the crayons for myself this time!:)

Some soap that doesn't make me sick when I smell it - yay!

A great set of Mary Kay makeup brushes.

An Accomplishments pad of paper. I especially like that parts that say "near future", "someday", and "maybe never". Nice!

I think that my favorite though is the hanging vase!

I have sent her box out today, and she should receive it next week. I can't wait! And I have some posts waiting because I don't want her to see what I was up to untill she receives it. :)

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Kirby3131 said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked the gifts. I mentioned in my email that I totally forgot one whole gift. It was in a separate box - sheesh. Anyway, that will be a surprise one day :)

The soap I sent is the only soap besides my usual unscented soap that I can use. My sister bought it for me a few years ago, so I just use it at the bathroom sink as a special little treat :) I do hope you can use it.

I am in love with Post-Its and crayons and anything papery. Maybe your children will enjoy the Happy Tickets :)

I'm so glad that I had you as a swap partner. Thanks so much!!

Kristin - from The Goat