Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Own Ramona Quimby

Well, she did it. I thought that we may just pass this phase of childhood. But I was wrong! Last week, my sweet little Jenny chopped her hair.

I had to do the rest of the chopping. I was almost in tears. Almost.

She was happy.

As the week has past, I have discovered that this may be the perfect hair style for her. It is so cute! And it fits her personality well. At first I thought that she looked like scout from "To Kill a Mocking Bird"
But I have decided that she looks more like Ramona Quimby.
What do you think?


april b said...

My vote's for Ramona, too!

Kirby3131 said...

My niece Zora cut her own bangs the day that her little sister was born. Her momma, my sister, was furious that all of the new family pictures forever more were going to have this crazy haircut.

I'm glad you were able to save the cut and make something that suited her! Bravo! She does look a bit like Ramona, how cute!