Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Greater Spiritual Life

This year I have been a slacker. Usually at the beginning of the year, around New Years, I will sit down and write out some goals. This year that just didn't happen. I have been retreating into myself, and not doing much. I have been making an effort to change that, and to change how I interact with my kids.

One of the things I would like to do is to strengthen my spiritual life. Usually when I do that, everything else falls into place. So I have started out by trying to catch up on the lessons that have already been taught at church and to start reading the scriptures every day again.

After reading the first lesson in the new Gospel Essentials manual I came to a conclusion. At times it is hard for me to retain information if I just read it. And though I know pretty much the principles that are taught in this new book, after reading that first chapter, I couldn't remember much of what I had just read. AND they have set up the format a bit different than previous manuals. There are questions throughout instead of at the end of each chapter.

Then it hit me.

I have three EMPTY spiral bound journals just gathering dust. Why not use them to take notes of what I read everyday?

So that is what I am doing. While I read through the lessons I am going to be taking notes. I know that I will get through the Gospel Essentials book a lot quicker than we use them at church, so this will also help me to be able to look back at the lesson and see what my thoughts were, so that I may be able to comment better in the lessons at well. This makes me very happy!:)

I think it will also be good for me and my children later on to see what I thought about the lessons and the scriptures at this time. Perspectives change all the time, and it will be interesting to look back at it in ten years and see what it means to me then.

Why this is not and "official goal" I think that this will be the best I get at this year. And just so you know, I just started it this last week. So very behind on the "New Years Resolution" thing.

But that is OK.:)

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