Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Time with my Kids

I can be a very lazy mommy. The TV stays on PBS kids all day. And then it would change to Qubo. My older two like to play the computer, and if I let them, one of them is always on.

Time is passing by, and I am realizing that I am missing some great moments with my children. I don't sit with them. I don't really play with them. We are going through life with little interaction.

So, I have decided to make some changes.

We have a new rule in our house. No electronics after dinner. This is very sad for Ryan, because he will only have about an hour before dinner when he gets home from school. But he will live.

We have already done this for about a week.

It is amazing the difference it has made in our kids in just a week! I have a lot of trouble getting the girls to go to bed. During this week, we have been fairly calm about it! They have gone to sleep a lot sooner than when we had the TV on up until bed. This makes me REALLY happy.

The only exception will be on Fridays, which I have decided we will have a family movie night.

This last Friday I decided to let us watch the Olympics. Bad choice, unfortunately, because the girls didn't get to see any of it. But we watched to lead up to the opening ceremonies and had popcorn(The brown popcorn had chocolate mixed into it ... I had to make plain for Jenny because she didn't like the brown, but that is OK:) ...).

Even though our first "movie night" wasn't what I expected, it was great!

And I believe that we are going to be a happier and closer family because of my changes.:)


treen said...

Good for you! I assume you saw Heather Moore/Cantarero's post on the same thing from last week? I'm in the middle of drafting a similar post ... and debating canceling Facebook entirely. If people REALLY want to keep in contact with me, there are other ways. Like a direct email not through the FB system or ... wait for it ... a PHONE! And not just for text messages! Can you believe it? What a novel idea!

april b said...

We started doing something like this recently too. It makes a really nice difference! The boys are wound down and ready for bed AT bedtime! It's great!

Liz Autry said...

I am finding it interesting that we are all kind of deciding to do something like this around the same time!

And To be super honest, while I AM planning on doing this, we decided that I would be ok to postpone this for the next two weeks because of the Olympics ... :)

smiliesar said...

I love it. Movie night sounds fun too! I just need kids old enough to sit through a movie. ;-)