Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doing Something Right

I had to take the kids to the store with me today. It was unavoidable. We had run out of trash bags right before Darrell had left for work.

So, they did well up until we got into the checkout line. I actually didn't get a cart because we were coming for two thing - the trash bags and some candles just in case I could not find the ones we already have for Ryan's birthday cake. For some reason I was already a bit irritated at the kids, and having them ignore me like always just wasn't good at the moment.

So, I got angry, and upset, and so on, like I have been doing so much of lately(well, not SO lately, but that is another story). And I was upset until I got them upstairs, showered, and were ready for bed.

Then, after I had put the girls to bed, I had thought that I had left the phone in their room, so Ryan went to look(I told him NOT to do that, but to go get the other phone so I could page the second one. I was hoping I had not left the phone in there, because it is so hard to get the girls to settle down if that door opens.) I guess that I am glad that he did that. Because Jenny chose that moment to sing the whole first verse of "I Am a Child of God" for me.

It melted my heart a bit. And made me feel like even though I seem to be the only one trying to be reverent(I am usually the only parent present because of Darrell's second job) while we have our singing time and scriptures, that they are actually paying attention. This is one of the songs we now sing at night.:)

And then a little later I let Ryan pick a movie to watch. I let him stay up late for a movie because today is his birthday. He picked out The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While he was sitting there, at least twice while the "bad guy" of the story was ranting on about whatever(I wasn't paying close attention) Ryan stated that the man was not a very respectful person.

This made me realize that maybe I am teaching the kids something.

And it made me feel a little bit better. :)


gabby said...

You're an awesome Mom, and you have wonderful kids!

Amber Shoemaker said...

It's those small moments that makes everything worth it huh? Sometimes they just can't come soon enough, and sometimes they come at just the right moment.

Alisha said...

I love these moments. thanks for posting it!