Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My POTD's 49-53

So, apparently I have forgotten to post my POTD the last 5 days. Here is the catch-up:

49/365: This is one of the cards I made this week. I had a lot of fun doing them. I made four of them, the same except for the colors

50/365: As we were sitting in the den watching a movie for Mommy Movie Night, I looked up and got a view of the stairs I hadn't gotten before. It was somewhat Escher-esque. I tried to get the depth of it , and the shades, but this is the closest I could get. I ended up picking the one where I accidentally had the flash on, because it ended up being the best.

51/365:There is nothing better than some fresh made muffins on a Sunday morning! :)

52/365: So, I didn't get any pictures today. So I am using an "old" one. This is one of my favorites from last year that I captured of Samantha and Eric sleeping on the couch. Sam sure does love her brother! (A little too much sometimes, but oh well)

53/365(Recycling): It always amazes me when I see things out next to the trash. The toys. The furniture. The discarded wood from fencing. Why can't we find a new use for these things? Why can't people donate the perfectly good toys to good will?

Anyway, we have been needing to make a rack for our wood pile. The other day my husband saw someone taking a fence down to be replaced, and he snagged the wood. And today, he and my son are taking the nails out.

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