Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wall


After three years of living in this house, I have painted a wall. Granted, it is a small wall, but hey, it is a start, right? :)



Oh, and now I get to have my entry way wall exactly as I want it. I found that table at a garage sale this weekend. Cool, huh? Still needs to be refinished, but it is still good for now. :)


Cookie said...

Awesome wall painting! I love that shade of green, and the table. I think you had a great idea, doing a little space with high impact. Maybe I can do something with my front hall.
I've been meaning to do some decorating . . .

Courtney Bowen said...

I love the color!! And the Idea! It would look cute too with some vinyl under the pictures with a cute saying. :) Man garage sale winner for you!!

Anonymous said...
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