Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me 15/365 POTD

So.  This year I turn 35.  I think this is the first birthday that has actually bothered me a little.  I don't feel like I am in the mid-thrities, whatever that means.

So, I had a wonderful day.  My sister in law watched the littles, and I went off to spend some time at the temple.  I ended up spending about 1 1/2 hours outside taking pictures.  I did get to go inside to do some temple work as well.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day.

I got home and had about an hour until everyone got home from work and school.  I had told everyone that we were going to be going to golden coral for dinner, because, honestly, Darrell NEVER plans things for my birthday.  Well, this time he did.  And he did a fantastic job!  I found out that my mother in law was coming over to watch the kids about 10 minutes before she arrived.  Darrell had planned a secret date! 

We went to The Cracker Barrell for dinner.  Very good.  And when we were there he gave me two presents.  They were both big surprises!  The first one was a book.  It is the sequel to "Agenda 21".  About three weeks ago we were talking about "Agenda 21" and how much we wanted to there to be a sequel, and how sad we were that there was none yet.  Apparently about three days after that conversation, they advertised the sequel and that it was coming out in January.  PERFECT timing!  The second gift was a pair of k-Swiss trainers that I want.  I have a pair already, but they are falling apart, and I really shouldn't be wearing them anymore.  I couldn't find them at the stores anywhere either.  He got online and ordered me a new pair.  Huge deal, because I am having some issues with my feet right now.  Anyway, after dinner we went to go see Into the Woods.  I thought that it was great.  :)

So, yeah.  My husband did a phenomenal job of making my birthday special this year, and I am happy! :)

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