Friday, January 2, 2015

"While walking through the park one day ... " 1/365 POTD

While waking though the park one day, I began this strange journey.  It started out quite simply really.  I had been working hard, trying to get the house all nice and clean for New Years.  Who doesn't like a clean house right?  And what better way to start off the new year than to wake up with a clean floor, all snuggled up in nice, clean sheets?

I needed a break.  I needed quiet.  Trying to get 5 kids to help clean a house with you is no easy feat.  I decided to step out of the house for a while.  I went and grabbed my coat and the key to the neighborhood park, and off I went.

It is winter here, and we are in the middle of our yearly two-three week cold snap.  It was a drizzly kind of rain, not like the big fat rain we usually get.  It was the kind that leaves big water drops on everything, making the world all sparkly with refracted light.

I got to the gate and used the key. As I stepped through, I could feel the peace and wonder of being in such a calm place alone. It was just the relief I needed  I found the path and began my walk. Little did I know the what those few steps would bring.

As I made my way around the loop, I entered the small wooded area of the park.  I had thought that I  was alone in this place, but I was mistaken.  On the wooden park bench sat a little girl crying.  I was so surprised that I just stood there staring for a minute.  She lifted her head and looked quite starteld to see me standing there, just watching her.  It was then that I realized that she wasn't a child.  In fact, she wasn't even a human.  Sitting right there, face still glistening with the tears she had just shed, was a faery!

"Oh no!"  She said.  "I can't believe I let you see me!"

She stood from the bench and started to pace.

"The King will not be happy.  No, not happy at all."  She was barely audible as she continued wearing a path back and forth in front of the bench.

"The King!?!  What King?  Why would he care if I saw you?"

"The King of the faeries, of course!  He decreed long ao that there was to be no contact between humans and faieries, and here I am , being careless in letting you see me.  And now you are talking to me, making this even worse!"

"But all I wanted was some peace and quiet.  I wont tell anyone what I have seen.  I promise!"  I said.

"Not good enough.  I will just have to take you back to the caves with me."

 And that is how my journey began.

"Faery Caves"
This photo was taken in my neighborhood park.  
It is a macro of some tree bark covered in woodpecker holes and moss. 

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