Monday, April 28, 2008

Enduring to the End

Well, this weekend has brought some busy times. On Friday my FIL had his first heart attack. He is very lucky that he is till alive. He is in kidney failure and just happen to be at dialysis when it happened. I guess that they had to use the paddles three times before his heart started again! He was not breathing on his own until mid saturday when he woke up. Something you have to understand about him is that he HATES the hospital and is not a very good patient when he is there. They would not take the respirator out so when my MIL literally had her back turned, even though he was tied to the bed, he riped it out! All I can say is that this is typical for him. Anyway, his is alright for now.

We had stake conference this weekend, and guess what the theme was? Enduring to the end! As soon as I heard that I laughed because of what was going on!:) Any way, I really liked how this subject was approached by one speaker. She talked about how enduring to the end was not necessarily talking about our trials but rather our covenants and promises. She stressed that when we have made a covenant sometimes it can be difficult to follow through on that, and that is where the phrase "enduring to the end" comes into play. I REALLY liked this take because I think that it is true, not to mentionthat we almost never get a different take on what "enduring to the end" means.


smiliesar said...

Wow! I'm glad he is okay. What does his future look like? More or was this a one time thing. Scary.

Liz Autry said...

Well, we never know what is going to happen to him because of his current condition ... when you have kidney failure your body chemisty goes way off, which is why they have to do dialysis - to clean his blood and take water off of his body. Anyway, for now he is ok ... to be honest, I do not think that he will be with us for that much longer.