Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, we have finally gotten our DD1 evaluated for speech and she qualified. To be honeset I am getting tired of her screaming and whining at me all the time, so this is perfect timing. She is going to be having the same speech preson from ECI that DS had so this is going to be great! We love her so much and she is VERY good at her job. DD1 did say a friends name today for the first time at church - it was soooo exciting!:) I am glad that I waited to get DD1 evaluated though. I think that if I would have evaluated her when everyone was bugging then she would not have qualified. She is only 7 months behind, and they said that that was not so bad. Oh, and it was so funny when they evaluated her. Her only problem is speach and the evaluators are not necessarily used to that. She drew lines, circles and tried to copy a face for thme and their mouths were hanging open. She is very social and very smart, just like her big brother. It is just funny to watch their reaction because they are not used to that!:)

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smiliesar said...

Yeah for her! I'm so glad she is getting the help that she needs. Mother's always seem to know what's best for their children. Way to stick to your guns.