Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pictures from Mothers day

These are my parents. This is the first picture of just the two of them we have taken for a while.

This is dd1 with the ball. She is such a beaultiful redhead!

These next three pics are of dd2. She was having a lot of fun riding around on the toy over at my parents house today. She is having fun with daddy in the first one. She had been kind of driving me crazy lately because she started to climb onto the kid rocking chair about three weeks ago. I bet that she will be walking in about a month. She started cruising along furniture a few days ago. She is only 8 months old!

This is my son being goofy. I love my little boy so much!

In all we had a good mothers day. We went to my parents and had dinner and dessert. We do not get to go see them very often because they are on the other side of Houston, so it is nice when we have a good excuse!:)

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Tara Ramachandran said...

Very belated, but happy mothers day. DD2 has your eyes! They are all very beautiful!

I am so glad i called today, i have missed talking to you.