Thursday, August 14, 2008

My horrible, no good, very bad week

So, this has been a very trying week - and it is not over yet. It all started last Wednesday when I woke up to the smell of puke comming from the kids room. Sam had rolled in her own vomit. Very lovely. At first I thought that she was having a reaction to something she ate - she had had french fries the day before. It turns out not so much. The next day Jenny got sick. Then the next day Darrell got sick. And then two days later I got sick. I still have a pit in my stomache. Darrell says it should be gone tomorrow.

So that was phase one.

On Monday, I e-mailed my mortgage broker to see how things were moving along with the house. Then my internet stoped working. At about 10 I got a phone call from my real estate agent with bad news. The seller all of a sudden says he does not have the money to close, and that he might not want to sell the house now!!!! EVERYONE was furious! Because we had not closed on Friday, he could leagally walk away. However, if he were to do that, both real estate agents were saying they would sue him. It would cost him more than the money he would have to pay to close the house. So, we decided to change the contract, and we are paying 105k instead of the 103k, and our closing date has changed back to the 22nd. The point is that we do not have anywhere to go other than this house, and there is not enough time to get another one before the end of the month. AND he had been told multiple times that he would have to bring 4k to closing in order to close. He did not tell anyone that he "did not have the money". My agent suspects that if we would have gone on Friday he would not have shown up. He signed the contract on Wednesday, and now we are holding our breath. My agent also said that it would probably be better if we are not together to sign the closing papers, because my agent may say something that would be unbeneficial to himself. We shall see.

That is phase number two.

So, Darrell came home a few hours early on Monday from work because he could barely walk. He has a boil on the top of his foot. We took him to the doctor the next morning, and they were concerned. They had us come back on Wednesday, and they were extrememly concerned because the cellulitus acompanying the boil had spread to his ankle. The prescribed him a much stronger antibiotic, in hopes to keep him out of the hospital. That antibiotic costs over 1k for just 10 days of treatment. Thank goodness for insurance and we only had to pay $45. They told us to come back today, Thursday, to decided if he would be admitted to the hospital. Thank goodness the meds already started taking affect. If fact, the doctor was very suprised how well he responed to the treatment, that he is not making us come back tomorrow, we are going to come back on Monday. And because it worked so well, it tells us that it is definitely MRSA, the horrible staff infection that have had go through our family this last year and a half.

That is phase number 3.

I am just so tired. I am tired of all of the drama, and the illnesses. At least things all look like they are going to work out, it is just hard to get through it while in the moment.

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smiliesar said...

What a mess and stress! I'm so sorry!! I hope that things continue to get better and that guy will close on his house that he NEEDS to sell. Crazy people. Keep us posted.