Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ryan's treatment of Jenny

Lately I have been worried about how Ryan has been talking about Jenny. He keeps on talking about how anoying she is and that he would like it if she were not around. But now I think he is going away from this thinking, thank goodness!

He finally realized that he would not be sleeping in the same room as his sisters. He is starting to be worried about not sharing a room with Jenny. Then again, it could just be because he wants a bunk bed!:) Don't you just love how kids think? But then yesterday Ryan got to go to a friends baptism and birthday party without his sisters. When he got home, Jenny had just fallen asleep. He decided that it was important enough to share the candy he got from the pinata with her that he woke her up to do so.

Even though he is starting to say mean things, it reassures me that he really does love his sister when he does things like that.

I think that it will do a lot of good when we finally get into the house and can spread out. This two bedroom apartment has gotten too small, and I believe it has been taking its toll, and starting to manifest it in how Ryan treats Jenny. Only one week left!(we hope)

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