Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ryan's first week of school

Well, we are through the first week of school, and Ryan is still excited about it! He doesn't seem to be getting in trouble, so that is good. The only comment I got on his Thursday envelope was that he si learning how to walk in the hallway correctly. I asked him about this and he showed me what was meant. He has been doing this hopping thing down the hallway. I love my boy!

Oh, and the first day of school was not dramatic for him at all. He rides the bus, and when he got on he didn't even look back, or wave goodbye! In fact he did not do so until wednesday, and I think he only did it then because he heard me mention it to someone.

I am amazed at how great it is to have just the girls at hime with me. Ryan and Jenny bug each other, and it has been nice to have them separated. I like being able to sit with Jenny and just talk and play with her now. And because Sammantha takes a nap, we get a coulple of hours with just the two of us.

Life is good!:)


smiliesar said...

How funny about him skipping down the hall!

Jamie said...

Hi Liz!! It's Jamie Williams. I saw your blog link on your facebook and had to take a look. :) I'm so glad we can keep in touch this way now! We miss seeing you and your cute kids on Sundays! Glad the move went well and glad Ryan's 1st week of school went well too. My blog is set to private, so can you e-mail me ( YOUR e-mail address and I will send you an invute?? Thanks! Glad you are doing well.