Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Supplies

So, I think that next year I am going to shell out my $40 and let the school get the school supplies. Ryan and I went tonight and it was not fun for me at all. They are so specific about things to! For instance, they wanted a red pocket folder with brads and a blue pocket folder with brads. They had plenty of red, but no blue that I could see. Someone else found it for me, thank goodness. And where in the world did the put the big construction paper and the primary tablets? And why do they need a composition book? Ryan had fun filling the basket with the other things, like crayons, pens, and such, but it was short lived. becuase I was getting frustrated with what we were not finding. I wish this week were not so stressful already! I wanted to have Ryan's first experience with school be special, but it is not the way I imagined because the move had thrown everything helter skelter. AARRR!!!


smiliesar said...

I'm sorry it was so frustrating. I would pay the money too! That way you don't have stress about it and then you know your kid will have all the right things. What's your move in date now? I can't remember what it got changed to?

treen said...

I want to know what the big deal is with having THIS shade of red folder and THAT shade of blue folder, or whatever. Who the heck cares?!?!? Why can't some of them have pink or yellow or green or orange?

Anyway ... good luck to Mr. Smartie Pants there starting school! That's great that he's reading so well already! Good on ya, Mom, for teaching him so well at home!

And good luck with the move!

Liz Autry said...

We should be closing on Friday. If all goes well, we will start moving our stuff that night. I just hate that this is so close to the first day of school! He starts Monday!

Danilynn said...

Many parents prepare their kids for a new school year by spending hundreds of dollars on clothes, but thousands of Bay Area families can't even afford the simple tools of learning -- from backpacks and pencils to loose-leaf paper and college-ruled notebooks.

Carrie Pate said...

I know what you mean Elizabeth. Kaylynn starts kindergarten and she has to have such specifics like a pink pearl eraser (what's the diff of the other ones) certain color folders this makes no sense. With jeffery we got lucky we have to send 25.00. I feel your frustration.