Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, for a while now I have been wondering if Ryan is really as smart as I think he is. I wonder if I am just one of those parents who think the kids are the greatest and the smartest, when really they are just average.

Well ... we went to register Ryan at the new school. We were there for about 10 when someone asked if I was sure he was going into kindergarten. And then we started talking about gifted and talented. The counselor asked when he turned 5. I told them his birthday, and their jaws dropped. Then they asked what schools he as been to. Of course I told them none, because we could not afford it. Again their jaws drop. He was reading stuff to them, and telling a story about how he is terrified of Sheila, a dog that grandpa used to have. The registrar lady made sure to mention that to the counselor. We are just so used to him using words like that, but I guess that it is not a word that a normal 5 year old uses in every day language. He also read the title of a book for them - Spider Man, the Amazing ... - or something like that. And of course he did not have any help, because he can read all of those words without thinking about it much. And then he asked what time it was and I made him read his analog watch. About 5 people were looking at their phones to see if he got it right, which he did. And then he noticed the badge that one of the ladies was wearing and I had him read that as well, because he asked what it said. (oh, and just so you know, I was not doing this to show him off - these are things that I normally have him do because I know that he can do it, and I like to encourage him to think about what he is looking at before I give him the answer). Anyway, he read the word "Staff". At first he thought it was staef, then I had him correct the vowel and he understood the word. Then he launched into how his dad has a staff infection on his foot. Every one started laughing and the lady who had the badge on said that when she is having a bad day she is going to have to come find him and just talk to him because he makes her laugh.

I guess that his was an eye opening experience because I thought that he was just a little bit ahead, just not THAT much ahead. I guess that it is because I am with him all day and I am used to how he is. School starts next week and it will be interesting to see where he tests in ready and math. I think that he is at least at a 1st, maybe 2nd grade reading level. I am also interested in how they are going to accommodate for his learning so that he does not get bored.


smiliesar said...

WOW! He is so smart. I can't believe he can read so well. Did they talk any more about TAG? He most likely will be bored unless he gets a great teacher! I hope they talk to the teacher about him.

Liz Autry said...

They usually evaluate kindergarteners in January or february and start services in march. I am just curious if they decide he needs something sooner. We shall see...:)