Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clean up

Well, we fared EXTREMELY well. We still have a fence. We still have windows. We still have most of our trees. We now have water pressure and power and a phone - not that the phone ever went out. I think that we only lost a couple of shingles off of the roof, if that much. The people around us have had their fences blown over and whole patches of shingles blown off so that you can see the plywood under. There are a lot of broken branches strewn about, but it is not too bad. We were able to clear out our garage enough to be able to park our cars inside, which I am glad of because there was a medium sized branch sitting where Darrell's car usually sits. We are currently being told to boil our water until further notice, but I am not too worried because we have about 50 gallons of drinking water we can use, which will last us quite a while. We have not even gotten into one of the big tubs of water yet.

We did have to cut a tree down yesterday though, because it had split down the middle. It was on the strip between the road and the sidewalk, and we decided to not take chances of it falling into the road. aparently it was a little bit rotten in the trunk. We were extrememly lucky that the chinese tallow that we are going to get rid of anyway, did not fall during the storm. It is right next to the power line for our house.

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smiliesar said...

I'm glad things went well! I was thinking about you!!!