Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here comes Ike

Well, I have finally joined the fray this evening. As this hurricain is definetly going to effect us - we may even get to see the eye of the storm - we are not too well prepared. This is mostly because of the move. But you know, we are a resourceful people and we will be fine. I went to walmart tonight. I was suprised at what they still had. Like milk. When Rita came, milk was one of the first things to go. And Juice. Juice does not have to be refridgerated, and when the water supply is going to be most likely questionable, this is a good alternative. I grabbed the last REGULAR bleach on the shelf. I kept seeing people with bread in their baskets, but I do not know where they got it. Thankfully I have some in the freezer. And I got broth to make soup out of. We are fortunate that we have a gas stove. And if that goes out I got some more propane for the camping stove. I was suprised there was quite a bit of that left.

And then there was the gas station. It was not that bad. About a 15-20 minute wait. And they still had regular gas!:)

Other than not having the plywood for the windows, I am not all that worried. Ike should be a cat 1 by the time it reaches us, so not so bad. The only thing I am worried about are two trees on our property. I guess we shall see.

For now, wish us luck!

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Bex said...

I thought about you this morning watching the news - you are in my prayers.