Monday, October 6, 2008

Kids updates

Well, I have noticed that I have not written that much lately. I do not know why, but oh well.

Things have been going well in our family. Sammantha now has at least three teeth - two on the bottom and one on the side on the top. The side one was first. She sure is late with that! She is still her ball of energy self. She and her cousin are now cuasing havoc together, since he is starting to be able to keep up for the most part. I babysit him during the day, so that makes my day VERY busy.

Jenny is doing well also. She has started doing speech at school. She has only done one session so far, but I already like how she works. She was given a pinwheel to work with for her h p and w. I am glad that she qualified for this, beacaus I really do not think that I would be able to help her much.

Ryan is having fun at school still. This week he had not bad checks, so that makes me happy! he also got to bring his first library book home. He had that thing basically memorized by the time he got it home. This week while we were at my MIL's for conference I was having him read some of the books they had. They were on his reading level, but there was a lot of words to the story. He did not want to read them anymore because of it. He said " I do not like these books. They have too many words. I like the books at home." You know what this means? We need to start trying to challenge him a lot more. I am thinking about starting to go to the public library with him at least once a week, and gradually work him into books that have more words. He is so smart and i do not want to see him getting bored with what he has been offered to him.

Oh, and he is always thinking about odd ball stuff. On Saturday when we were in the car he said, "When I am older and my wife dies, I am just going to bury her. I am not going to get remarried. I am going to wait for her to be alive again." This was just out of the blue! It is interesting what this child thinks about and comes up with. Resurrection seems to be a given fact for him. He even talked about it when Sadie, his Grandpa Theilers dog died. Ryan has a very interesting mind.

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