Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flash Autry

About a week ago, we spied a bunny rabbit hopping around our back yard. We thought that this was quite interesting, and the kids had fun watching it hop around and eat the grass. Darrell even went out and fed it some cabbage. It even let him pick it up.

So, every day the kids have been going outside and trying to play with the rabbit and Ryan has named it Flash, because it is so fast.

Today we let Samantha outside, because we bought her new shoes that actually fit. She probably chased that rabbit around the yard for 20 minutes! It would let her get close, and she would reach her hand out to pet it, and then she would squeal with delight, only to have it hop away, because she was too loud.

And where did this bunny come from, you may be asking? We were wondering that as well, until we talked to our back door neighbor. Apparently it is a pet bunny that is owned by the people a couple of houses down. It was let run around inside, and because it kept peeing on the carpet they let it go. I am sad for the bunny!

So, we and our back door neighbors have been feeding this rabbit, and we shall see how it survives the winter!

Oh, and Jenny let it get inside the other day as well, before we knew that it was a tame rabbit. I had to explain to her that we do not bring animals in the house from outside. She was sad, but I think that she understands!:)

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