Thursday, January 15, 2009

The good, the bad, and the angry

Well, lets start with the angry. This last week I have been trying really hard to not go out and buy more groceries, going over our budget. I can go and buy again tomorrow. Anyway, My wonderful hubby took the last of the bread without telling me, and I promised the girls that I would make PBJ. If I had known, I could have made some bread in the morning.

Mamma wasn't happy.

The bad is two fold. I have a cold, and apparently I have been run down, so I am taking it REALLY hard - starting today. The second part has to do with the brakes on hubby's car. So, they would not give me a quote over the phone. That meant that I had to take it, transfer the car seats and be driven home just to wait for 5 hours. When they finally called, the price was astronomical!!!!! At least that is what I think, because we have never gotten our brakes changed in a shop. Usually hubby does it, but with the two jobs and all, it is difficult at best. Anyway, they told me that they checked all of the brakes, and to do everything that needs to be done it was over $700!!!!! And when I said that we did not have that much, he told me that if we were just to change the brake pads that it would be just over $200. I know how much the parts cost, and that is just RIDICULOUS! In my humble opinion. Not to mention that we really do not have the funds for that considering the water heater, which I will get to in the next paragraph. So, on Saturday during hubby's 6 hours off, my father in law is going to help him change over the brakes. For a lot less.

That was the bad.

And now for the good. Our water heater started leaking yesterday. Thankfully, we went ahead and got a warranty on our home when we bought it. So, tomorrow, we are going to be getting a new water heater for $110. Instead of the $890 the plumber told me it would have been without the coverage.

I like the warranty people today.

So, that pretty much sums up my 29th birthday.

And I laugh. :)


smiliesar said...

Happy Birthday! I was wondering if my little one would come and share the day with you but no luck yet. It's still possible but VERY unlikely.

Alisha said...

You need a better birthday. One with pampering and a day spa and silence for a while and turning off the part of the brain that nags at you about kids, house, husband, chores ... it needs to go away for awhile

Liz Autry said...

I whole heartily agree!

april b said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry it wasn't very fun :( And I also agree about the day of pampering.