Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husband, The Good Samaritan

My husband likes to help people. But sometimes, it can be scary. Like last night.

When he got home from work he was sorta, but not waking me up. He realized I was really asleep and was turning off the lights when there was a sound that woke me up VERY quickly. We heard a screech and a crash outside our door, and Darrell went running, with me not far behind. When I got outside, Darrell had made it to the car and was trying to see if they were ok, but the passenger got out and started threatening him. Saying stuff like, "back off man, go inside, I can kill you..." you know, stuff like that. As soon as I heard the "kill" word, I ran back inside and called 911. In about 2 more minutes, Darrell was back inside, thankfully, and then about 1 minute later there were 4 cop cars outside surrounding the slightly wrecked car. Oh, and there was another car that stopped and started roughing up the other cars guys getting all mad that the car was wrecked and then tried to move it, to no avail. They knew that the cops would be there soon, so everyone left except the driver of the car, and I think the cops just missed them.

You know, I thought that I had had enough excitement and entertainment for the day. Apparently someone else had a different idea.

Once the adrenaline rush was gone, we finally went to bed at about 12.

What a way to end the day!


Alisha said...

Okay. I'm just glad you are all okay. No more scares please. I like my friends healthy!

Liz Autry said...

ya, I like living too!:)