Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Car Possessed

So, my husbands car is possessed. Really, it is.

We bought a 1999 Mazda Protege for $2000 about 6 years ago, so we are lucky that it has lasted as long as it has. It has over 135000 miles as well.

Anyway, if I go over 35 the automatic transmission starts jumping, and the car goes between drive and overdrive all on its own, to the rhythm of a blinker.

We are going to be saving up for a new car.

Anyway, if I sound a little crazy lately, this is part of it. Because Darrell works two jobs, he always has the car, so I don't get to leave the house right now, except on Monday nights, when he doesn't work the pizza job, on Fridays when I risk the 1 mile to go work in the school library, and Saturday afternoon. I don't do too well at staying in the house all of the time.

Anyway, thought I'd throw that little tidbit of fun out today.

I think it is actually kind of funny that we have a possessed car ... :)


Alisha said...

Oy and good luck. Having just one car is pure misery. After being married 6 1/2 years and only having one car, I fully relate. Being stuck at home just drives you batty.

We only have two cares right now because of the generosity of family. They were getting rid of an older car and gave it to us. Its not worth much but for the time being it drives and I can actually go grocery shopping and things witht he girls without having to plan bus schedules to and from.

Oh good luck with the possession.

Heather said...

Funny, I spent so much of our early marriage without a car--much of the time miles from public transportation--that now that I have a nice minivan and could theoretically go out every day if I wanted, I just don't. I just got in the habit of staying home I guess. Anyway, I hope you soon have the wheels you need!