Saturday, April 25, 2009

And Then There Were None

So, Darrell wrecked the van tonight.

At least he is not seriously hurt. It could have been MUCH worse. He didn't see the wrecker coming when he tried to turn left in a residential road. It is hard to believe that the wrecker driving in a 35 mph zone could do that much damage! I am grateful that just the front end was hit, and not the drivers side door, because he would be in the hospital right now if it was. The impact was so hard that even the wrecker had to be towed away, and it was one of those flat bed ones too!

Now lets just hope that the van is not a total loss.

And I am glad that the wrecker that towed us had a rental car at the shop we could have because otherwise, we do not have a working car.

Life is great, isn't it?


smiliesar said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! I pray he still feels okay days later. Good luck with the car insurance company. I'm still in battle with one over my September 07 accident...not fun.

Bex said...

Oh! I'm so glad that he's ok! And so sad about your van :( I was struck in a hit and run a few months ago, and I know that heartsick of not knowing if you'll have a car at all - I'm praying that your van survives, and if not, that you'll be taken care of. Hopefully some better situation will drop in to your lap :)

Alisha said...

YOu are totally in our prayers. Anything we can do? Thats just awful.