Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Samantha's first hair cut

I finally bit the bullet and cut Samantha's hair. I have been very tired of picking food and gunk out of her hair. So, The other night I went for it. I cut it a bit shorter than planned and promised (Darrell didn't want me to cut it at all).

When I cut her bangs she said thank you with every snip. It was very cute!

When I cut the rest of her hair, she lost interest, so when I cut the left side, I didn't notice that she had her head tilted to the side. So instead of it being to her shoulder it is to her chin. Still cute though!

One drawback is that we have noticed how much she looks like Jenny now! BOTH Darrell and I have mistaken her for Jenny!

Here is a picture of the cutest sisters ever!:)


chadnsyd said...

So cute Liz, I can't believe how big Brandon's twin is! Also, when are you due? I'm so excited you are having a boy and I'm sorry you have to wear compression hose (they are the bane of my pregnant life, but I just couldn't live without them). Good luck!

Liz Autry said...

I am due May 15, but if I get my way I will be induced 2 weeks early. My new doc likes to, which makes me happy, cause it would be nice to have a smaller baby this time around!:)