Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bragging a little ...

So, Ryan is good at reading and apparently spelling. Especially when he is excited about a subject, like what they are teaching in his math class right now. While he was at his cousin's today he wrote the following book WITHOUT help for spelling. (BTW, while I was gone I stopped by the store with all the teaching stuff and was looking at spelling workbooks, wondering what level I should supplement him to. I wasn't sure if 4th grade was too much, however ...)

This kind of scares me that he is doing this in 1st grade!!!

What am I going to do with him?


smiliesar said...

That is amazing for 1st grade. Do you think they could move him up to 2nd grade. My niece just got moved up to 1st grade from K the last month I believe.

Liz Autry said...

They don't do that in this district. If we want to skip him up we have to have him tested at the end of school, and he has to get a 90 on all parts of the test. We seriously considered it for this year, then decided not to. The hard thing is the social aspect of if. And if he is attentive enough to be in a higher grade early. We are doing soccer this season, and it has opened my eyes as to how much he is all over the place, attention wise. But maybe it is different in the class room. I really don't know. And I am not happy with his homeroom teacher this year. I thought that she would be good, but she has been very uncommunicative. At least we can tell that his math and science teacher has been doing a great job!

It is just frustrating not being sure what to do with this incredibly bright kid!