Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomatoes and Birdfeeders

Well, this is spring break for us, and we have been busy!:)

On Monday the kids and I planted our tomato plants. I received them the week before from a wonderful sister in our ward who taught a gardening class for a Relief Society meeting. This is so great because my kids LOVE tomatoes! This is the first thing Jenny usually asks for when she wants to eat - a plain tomato either whole or cut up is her favorite thing!

On Tuesday the kids got to spend the whole day with their cousins. I had my OB appointment in the morning, had some errands in the afternoon, and then the cousins rented The Princess and the Frog, so of course we stayed to watch that as well. It was a long day, but the kids had a lot of fun. Even though we only live about 3 miles away from their cousins we do not see much of each other. I hope that we may be able to change that sometime, because they love each other so much!

On Wednesday, today, we just spent time around the house. I finally got around to washing the hand wash dishes. I also was able to quilt, make cookies from a cake mix for the first time(turned out great), help Ryan with a yard clean up project from Dad, and make bird feeders with the kids. All in all a very productive day at home. :)

All of the ingredients for a pine cone bird feeder. We used shortening for them because I was told when I was young that if you use peanut butter the birds can choke on it.

Jenny isn't so sure about the shortening!

Sam is just diggin in!

We eventually gave up on using the butter knives and used our hands.

Ryan hung the pine cones up on nails that were already there on our deck, because I couldn't do it. He decided that he was afraid of heights after that!

Tomorrow we plan on going to Grandma Theiler's house to see the new chicks and the greenhouse. On Friday I think I will take the kids to one of the pocket parks around here. On Saturday we are going to be spending most of the time at the house again, though I think that Dad is going to take the kids to Zube Park for the trains and then Jenny gets to go to a birthday party in the afternoon.

Busy week, eh?

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Amber Shoemaker said...

I've always wanted to try this! Hmmm...might just have to try it here soon. Thanks! And the kids are ADORABLE!