Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, this summer was crazy. And obviously I have not been blogging much. But I will try to do better, and I will try to catch up.


Darrell's grandfather was dying from prostate cancer, so we went ahead and traveled to visit him on July 2-5. We went to Thomasville, Alabama, and had some adventures. Gratefully we were able to see Milton, and he was able to recognize us. He got a real kick out of seeing Eric! Unfortunately, we had some health issues. The kids got fevers, and we even took Jenny to the emergency room(which really we should have gone to a different town, or even traveled to Mobile, because it was the worst hospital we have been in.) Thankfully she only had a UTI, and was starting to get better the next day. We got to go see Milton's farm while we were there as well, getting the now famous Rattlesnake Incident. Jenny tells EVERYONE she sees about this particular story. What happened is that Darrell and the kids were taking a tour of the working part of the 55 acre farm. They got to see the muskadine grove, the long horn cattle, the chickens, and they were headed up past the wood pile when they saw a rattle snake. Darrell had the camera with him and decided to take video. I was honestly upset with him when I saw the video because I thought that he had sent the kids inside sooner. He is lucky I didn't know at the time! He went ahead and cut off the rattle for a trophy.


On the way home from Alabama, we stopped in Vicksberg, Mississippi for the 4th of July. We stayed with friends and had a blast! We went down to Catfish Row and watched the fireworks, which is something we do not do here in Houston, because the crowds are just too much for our family. The next day we went back to Catfish Row and played in the fountain with our friends before we headed back to Houston.

our family sitting on the hill waiting for the fireworks to start

The kids got to learn how to roll down a hill

My friends baby and Eric. They are only about 2 weeks apart I think

The rest are all at Catfish Row. The girls had a lot of fun playing with their new friends!


So, at the last week of July we had a really bad week. I went to the ER that Monday because of pain, and it ended up being Pancreatitis. This was caused by my Gallbladder, which was in bad shape. Even though it seemed OK on the imaging, it wasn't. It was only functioning at 5% and had some stones, so we went ahead and took it out on our 9th wedding anniversary(the 28th). I call this my miracle surgery, because my insurance ran out on July 31. I am SO grateful this happened when it did!


Two days after I got home from my surgery the compressor on the house air conditioner AND my husbands car air conditioner went out. Here again, we are very blessed to have Rodney as a relative. He is an AC guy and was able to help us within our means. We stayed at Darrell's family's house for a few days until that got all ironed out, and are grateful they let us stay with them. Oh, and with our luck, this happened the day before the hottest day so far that summer.


We were able to get a Zoo pass this summer. We only have been able to go once so far, but it was fun. They have a dinosaur exhibit going this summer and it was fun to go through, though short.


Our kids are going to a new school this year. With that, all of the 2-5 graders went to an event called Camp Emery. They went to the school for three days to do works shops and who knows what else. Ryan had a lot of fun, and it was a reminder to me of why I like it when school is in session. The house was very quiet.


We had to register Jenny for school for pre-k, because the file transfer from the other school didn't work out right. It was CRAZY! And frustrating. But at least we were able to get her set up where she is supposed to be.


Pretty much, we did not do much of what I wanted to do with the kids all summer. We were really lazy, and hung around the house when things were not going badly. The kids had some great times together, playing and just being with each other. For the most part they do get along, of which I am really grateful for.


Alisha said...

Crazy stuff going on. Wow. And fun that you got to see Trina. Small small world we live in.

smiliesar said...

what a summer...yeah for school starting now.

Heather said...

Wow on the gall bladder surgery coming just in the nick of time! The blessings of paying tithing, I say. :) And how fun that you got to hang out with Trina and girls.