Friday, October 1, 2010


Through the years I have been spotty on how well I keep my journal writing up. Sure, this counts as a journal as well, but for me there is nothing like putting pen to paper. And then going back to read it.:)

I currently have two kinds of journals. The every day kind, and a spiritual journal. Yesterday I found my spiritual journal. It has been over a year since my last entry. Before that it had been 6 years. I am so grateful for the times that I have written in it. Mostly because I had forgotten some things that I needed to be reminded about. And there were some things that were in there that I thought that I had not written down, but will be seared into my memory forever anyway. I am grateful to have this journal to look back at to help me remember what is important when I have lost sight of those things.

I also read through all of my past blog posts since the beginning of my blog. That was also VERY insightful. It was like reading something that someone else had written. I do not always see myself in the way I saw myself in those posts yesterday. But I know that I wrote them and that I was not being fake. I do my best not to be.

I guess that what I am trying to say is that I am somewhat humbled and grateful that I have been keeping my journals, even if it is not always consistent. And I am grateful that I have been taught throughout the years that we should be keeping journals. If not, I would not have had those wonderful insights into myself yesterday. And I believe that I am better for it.


Lara said...

I am also very thankful for journals. I love to go back and read mine and sometimes I am honestly humbled and get a glimpse of what I can one day become as I read through the things I wrote and have since forgotten. There is definitely reason behind being told we should keep journals.

Julie said...

I wish I had been more consistent at journaling when my kids were younger. I think I was just so overwhelmed with my life then that it was all I could do to survive the every day. I guess that is why I blog now--to remember and to capture today's memories.

Momza said...

I've always kept a journal since I was a kid. And I kept small journals for my children too. That's one thing in my life that I am grateful I had the discipline and the desire to do.

Lesa said...

My Mom kept a very detailed hand-written journal. It is something I cherish. I am not so good but I'm trying to do better. I think journal writing is so important!

Giggles said...

I consider my blog my large plates. My hand-written journal is my small plates. There's just something about physically writing all of those things down.

I keep a small notebook in my scriptures to record spiritual promptings. I date the entries. And I know if there is a large gap between them then I need to move myself back closer to the Spirit.

Thank you for the reminders on journaling. Now to go get mine out.

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